Who We Are


We envision a more equitable world where the under-privileged are given a chance to lift themselves out of poverty, and realize their full potential.

Our mission is to engage in high-impact or catalytic philanthropy that changes the lives of many, for better, for good.

We do this by investing in innovative social enterprises in the Indian Ocean region that create opportunities for the poor through education and entrepreneurship.

Insaan works with philanthropists who want their giving to be more impactful.

We re-invest all revenues from our investments in new ventures.


We connect those who want a better world with those in need and measure
that lives are indeed being changed, for the better, and for good.


Insaan was founded with support from the Pierre, Pamela Omidyar Fund. We work with families, individuals, corporate and institutional donors.


We work through our networks to find ventures involved in education and entrepreneurship. We get to know the organizations and people within them.


We meet the end-users or beneficiaries in the field. We engage them, listen, ask questions, and try to understand their vision of a better life – in their own words.


We disburse funds through equity or grant and continue to work closely with ventures over the life of the funding. We help ventures grow so they can better serve the poor.


Our work derives from our values, and not the reverse.
Insaan is an intellectual and ethical engagement that represents our team’s long-standing dedication to changing the lives of the poor.

Field Experience

We have years of experience in the field, working with the poor and living among them in cities and villages across the developing world.

Diverse Perspectives

We apply our diverse personal and academic backgrounds, from economics to philosophy, human development to statistics to approach the problems of poverty with critical thinking and ingenuity.


From our virtual office to our commitment to attracting outstanding and committed professionals to build knowledge, we strive to be a model of cost-effectiveness.

People-Centered Systems

We are open to market solutions and extra-market approaches because reality is complex for the poor. We don’t over-simplify solutions to poverty.

Social Investments

The ventures we fund provide innovative, sustainable and high impact solutions to the problems of the poor.
We implement a rigorous selection process, ourselves, which involves regular field work.

Primary Education

Gyan Shala

Secondary Education

Gyan Shala

Health Care

Access Afya


Mela Artisans

Technology/Ethical Fashion



We build our metrics from the ground up based on the narratives of people who are changing their own lives.

The Access Afya Team Interview

A Patient’s Journey – Access Afya

Evelyn – Access Afya

Peter – Access Afya

Dharmesh Grade 10

Dharmesh Grade 9

Julekhabanu Kayamuddin


Firdoz – Senior Supervisor

Saiyad Sena Saifanbhai – Teacher

On Access Afya

On Mela Artisans

On Soko


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Insaan Group and UN SDGs 2017

Annual Report 2018

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