Tara Geoghagen

Tara is  the Digital Footprint Officer at Insaan group. She began working with Insaan Group in July 2021 as part of her University degree with the University of East Anglia. She is in her final year of studying ‘International development with media’.
She was inspired to enter the development field due to her experiences on her self-created volunteering gap year project called #12months12issues. She visited different charities, companies and NGOs around the world in order to find out more about each of the United Nations Global Development Goals and found different media methods to reflect the stories and issues to her peers in a range of interesting ways. She had the opportunity to work with a range of organisations in Bangladesh, Greek refugee camps, the Peru Amazon, Cambodia and Australia, as well as volunteering with charities in her home country of England too. She took portraits, films, podcasts and wrote blogs of individuals and shared their stories.
She is delighted to be continuing her work with Insaan and furthering her knowledge of communications within the sector.