Farahnaz Karim

Farahnaz is the chief executive officer and founder of Insaan Group. She started her career with UNHCR in Geneva during the Burundi refugee crisis, and was involved in setting human rights standards for refugee and asylum cases in Central and Eastern Europe. She also supervised the elections in Bihac, Bosnia, after the Dayton Accords, with the OSCE. Deciding to move on to the “field” and engage in hands on development work, Farahnaz spent two years with UNOPS/UNDP,  based out of Islamabad to work in Taliban Afghanistan. It is there that Farahnaz’s passion for development led her to think about ways to have sustainable policy and development impact. She played a co-founding role in a private management consulting start up in Italy, and returned to Afghanistan in 2002 where she quickly rose to head a large non-profit, ACTED. She was then asked to join GTZ, the World Bank and Afghan government in helping them monitor the implementation of the National Solidarity Program – a massive rural development program involving some 20 NGOs and 6,000 villages. Insaan was registered in 2007 and successfully funded in part by the Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Fund. Farahnaz holds a Bachelor of arts from McGill University, a Master in international relations from HEI in Switzerland and a Master in public administration from Harvard University. She was a faculty member at Zayed University in Dubai, and is pursuing doctoral studies. She serves on the board of directors of Insaan Group, and as an observer and/or advisor on all social enterprises backed by Insaan.